1.How to play this game?
Ans: Register using registration menu and wait for the mail from the admin. 

2.How does this game work?
Ans: Users have to predict the scores and outcome of the game using prediction sheet and save it. You will be awarded points as per the real score and outcome of the match. Please check Prize and rules section to understand the breakdown of the point. Please put the scores in the boxes below the team names in a prediction sheet. 

3.How are points calculated?
Ans: The points are autocalculated by a system as soon as admin adds the real score of a match. 

4.What is a tie-breaker for equally ranked points?
Ans: Whenever, more than one users have equal points, the website auto ranks based on the number of perfect predictions. IN CASE we have a tie with perfect predictions, the ones with highest number of 4 points in a match will be considered as a tie breaker. 

5. Can the player have more than one user accounts to play?
Ans: Yes! One can have more than one user accounts.

6.Can the group of players play by forming their own league using the same prediction sheet and points?
Ans: No! Group of players cannot play by creating their own league.

7.Do I need to play whole season tournament matches?
Ans: It is compulsory to play. 

8.What happens if we forget to predict the scores? Will blank predictions be considered as 0-0 score?
Ans: No! All the blank prediction sheets will not be considered for points.

9.Will Pundits be able to see eachother’s prediction before the match?
Ans: Yes!  15mins to the match, the prediction sheets gets frozen and pundits will be able to see eachother’s prediction.

10.Before the match, how can i see other’s prediction?
Ans: Click on the Pie Chart in your prediction of a match. (Note: You will see only after prediction sheet gets frozen ,i.e only after 15mins to the match).










11.What is meant by League?
Ans: League is a player’s category. If you are placed in free league, it means you are not entitled for any prize. In order for you to be eligible for prize, you need to be placed in Worldcup. You can choose league from the drop down menu to check how many players are playing in which league.



12.Do I need to predict all the matches before hand?
Ans: No! You need to predict the game 15mins before the  match.

13.What is Joker and how does it work?
Ans: Joker is a ball icon which you will find below the prediction sheet. When enabled, the color of a ball changes to orange. It doubles your score for the particular game. You get TWO jokers per round i.e Round Robin and Knock out round (2 each, total 4)

14.How many Jokers will a pundit get to play?
Ans: There will be two jokers in round robin and two in knockout. 

15.Will admin be able to see other’s prediction before 15mins to the matchweek?
Ans: Admin has no access to the prediction sheet of other users before 15mins to the match. 

16.What is a role of an admin?
Ans: Admin is also a player like anyother. Apart from being a player, he has to upload the games in prediction sheet and update the real scores of a match.